Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Its one of those moments when you start to
feel your eyes swell up & you're just trying with
every way you know how to stay strong. ♥

At the library noww. with ja and ks. i am feeling MUCH better cos audit is finally over! yupps. and i left ais for tmr. haven been to the library for like 5 months. and ITS FREAKING CROWDED here! its like 95% filled
and again i never talk in a&a again! omg. i cant stand those that keep talking and talking and totally bullshit. its damm stupid. just for the sake of talking. and those pple who never read the case and ACT smart. that slimy worm is irritating me to the core. irritating shithead. i feel like slapping both of them. argh. annoyings. the stupidity of school.
and omg! i am bane to emails!! i sent an email to my grp and MY PROF! omfg!! damm PAISEH!! ARGHHH...

maybe i like being imperfect. x4:51 PM
Monday, September 10, 2007

back to square one
after a night swim and chocolates
wishing you had never said those words to me
it just made everything seems worse.
nothing can describe how im feeling noww.
and i just hate it.

maybe i like being imperfect. x10:16 PM

good food makes me happy
eating timeout during ms class.its dead boringgg and i am SO STARVING. did i mention yest we had this really really damm good dinner at defu lane industrial park. chilli crab and black pepper crab with bamboo clam. my sister is turning 16. omg! i feel so old! and did i mention again that ja is ONE DECADE older than my sister!! and i wanna go defu again. when ahem finally gets his car. cos its like so frekaing ulu. reminds me of malaysia. and once again good food makes me happy. chompchomp for dinner on sat. i hope i am getting fat!! abit.

maybe i like being imperfect. x9:11 AM
Monday, September 03, 2007

when the old gets older
stumbled upon something..
try finding ja, shaun and dillion. hehe ((:

answer below!!

maybe i like being imperfect. x8:45 AM
Saturday, September 01, 2007

at life sciences class now. super sleepy. trying to read my audit. sians. rita tan is telling me she wants lash implant. -_- she wants to be a plastic. now the prof talking abt olive oil??????? OMGG. i wonder wat i am doing here on a saturday afternoon..

maybe i like being imperfect. x4:55 PM
Thursday, August 30, 2007

as soon as the storm is over
its one of those days when i loved being at home. its pouring heavily over here.and i am getting lazy to go for lessons at 2. AIS. oh gawd. dataflow diagrams. wth. but i am happy cos wed is over.audit is over for this week. which means i gotta read next week readings. oh my. this reading of readings will never end. and i getting sick AGAIN. whats new. woke up yest with a sore throat. dammit. thank goodness for the bash. think we all really need a break from the books. but then again i am not that keen on going anymoree... its gonna be jam-packed with freshies. i am dreading schoolll..

maybe i like being imperfect. x12:33 PM
Sunday, August 26, 2007

had a great day at ccab today. prof cup. botaks match. no eyecandies. fights by king fighters (mr barcelona guy), and the esmcc matches. hot day but was nice to watch. waiting was abit killer. went to serene center with those guys for madjacks dinner and island creamery ice cream! ((: yummys. horlicks icecream! ((: it made me a happy girl finally. gossips abt pple in our school. hmms. guys can be a real bitch too! ((:
back to school tmr. shits. readings uncompleted!

big girls dun cry.
its personal, myself and i.

maybe i like being imperfect. x8:45 PM
Saturday, August 25, 2007

love me when i least deserve it
cos thats when i need it the most
feeling super kns now. have no idea why. and to someone at home: stop saying i am not mature enough to handle r/s problems cos its not because of those quarrels or those cold wars. its those feelings that i am feeling when exams are cominggg. weird. i think i SO cant handle stress these days. and its only one week since school started. and i already hate studying. it feels like you were not there when i needed u the most.

readings to complete:
1. audit chapter 3 & 4 + hmwrk assignments
2. finance homework
3. ais readings chapter 1 & 2
4. ms chapter 5 readings
(great! all by this weekend. shits)

maybe i like being imperfect. x4:17 PM
Friday, August 24, 2007

its times like these when i wished i had my own room, or even my own house.
just me in my room, no one else with music blasting out.
im back to those childish/immature times when i wished i could run away from home
just leave me alone world(or parents). its getting annoying.

maybe i like being imperfect. x10:56 PM

sick and tired of everything
goodnight world.

maybe i like being imperfect. x7:07 PM
Monday, August 20, 2007

midnight surprise ❤
we are ONE! ((:
big dhl box in front of my room at midnight. sweets! with my favourite green balenciaga bag inside! ((: MICHELLE IS A HAPPY GIRL. he planned it with my sister. ((: happy one year my boy! and thanks for the surprise! teehee. now i have a new bagg for school! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ YOU!
first lesson in school now. bad. dead boringg and a totally new noob prof. half the lesson spent on fixing his laptop. sighs. wat linear programming and excel nonsense. argh. its so not my thing! cant wait for break. i am starvving. and i think i am having beef for dinner. stupid boy so secretive.RAH.. happy one year again!! ❤

/edited @ 1224am 21aug07
great dinner. i am suffering from overeating!! too much japanese food. honjin buffet was great with complementary scallop sashimi which tasted like oyster, and this HUGE fried salmon head. sashimi with steamboat called nabe. shishamo, softshell crabs and loads of scoops of icecreams! i am happy! and i totally LURVE MY BAGG! ((: its pretty and nice! love it! and u boy! ((:



maybe i like being imperfect. x9:45 AM
Sunday, August 19, 2007

Perfect song on the radio
Sing along cos' it's one we know.
It's a smile, it's a kiss,
It's a sip of wine, its summertime.
had a great last summer week. wed night was great and high. and i so DIDNT get smashed kkx rita tan xi le!! Whiskey dry, heineken, lambo, apple shooters, random jugs, redbullvodka. saw many familiar faces.and its gonna be my last session before the next holidays.
had camp with boy. great nights with supper and boy! ((: another 12 and a half hour it will be our one year! hehe ((: tmr's afternoon lessons cancelled due to my prof's personal reasons, so i have a longer day with my boy! teehee.
school is starting. the tot of it just gives me butterflies. totally not ready to go back to school,
hmm not much motivation yet.

maybe i like being imperfect. x11:25 AM
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

its cafe ❤ again.
yest went cafedelmar again with rita and boy! ((: i didnt get much tanner. while boy was hiding below the umbrella. had our usual drinks and chicken wings. and i got my islander. hehe. more reasons to go to sentosa. ((: bought my shades from aldo. buy one get one free. how could i missed it. ((: went shopping myself today. kinda love to shop alone these days. bought clothes and shoes. oh gawd.i think i really need to stop shopping. if not i will be in debt really soon. hehe. and rita tan still owe boy some credits.
♥ BOY ((:
GIRL ((:


maybe i like being imperfect. x6:07 PM
Saturday, August 11, 2007

mich ♥ jap
having jap food 4 days in a row. hmm. think i am high on jap food. just have this thing for sashimi. ((: hehe. just had homecooked sashimi salad! ((: had a great time with boy and rita yest. went car shopping. caught rush hour 3 which was extremely funny, and sakae for dinner, and chilling at coffee club, discussing wats on for wed! ((: hehe. monday is cafedelmar again! ((: dun forget ourdate girl.
daddy went to philippines with his frens. how cool. when i am stuckhere. dammmmittt. caught the parade at the "exclusive bridge" with boy and my family on thurs! ((: nice and great fireworks, but as usual the crowd pisses me off. so ANNOYING. ok. shaun picking me up soon for the match. tata

/edited @ 1136pm
my mum and sis whipping up some supper now. cos we were looking at some food blogs and got really hungry. hehe. match was great.dinner was great. topped up with chilli crabs at home. and ja told me to start a food blogg. hehe. i am not a glutton okay!! and i amnot that rich to keep eating. and i have no license to drive around to bedok and pasir ris or east coast to eat! maybe i should get a license (haha. i probably said this for like 10000 times already) and tmr i am having homecooked sashimi again! with foot massage after church. hehe ((: my mum tend to spoil us more when my daddy is not around. but oh well! he will be back tmr! ((:
newcastle leadding 3-1. and boy is real happy. supper!

maybe i like being imperfect. x1:19 PM
Thursday, August 09, 2007

st james is ❤
hell loads of funn yest with boy rita and wy. ((: cam whoring like mad. 3 jugs+4flamings+4 sambuca. i cant really remember what really happened last night. except some lesbian attempts with rita and some smacking and pinching on the dance floor. ultimate high and seh-ness. random angmoh strangers and camera flashes. dancing to r&b on the podium and wy carrying rita tan down the steps. and an expensive cab home. omg. i am loving it much more than zouk. especially with 5 free drinks for ladies! ((: and the guys were much bettter than those in zouk according to rita. hehe.
We'll doing it again! loves ((:

maybe i like being imperfect. x1:11 PM
Sunday, August 05, 2007

if i close my eyes
i'll dream a little deeper baby. sorryy

maybe i like being imperfect. x10:21 PM
Saturday, August 04, 2007

just came homeee. (: had a really great day today with rita and boy.
gave my virgin cafedelmar experience to ritatan. aint you honored! haha (: great place great drinks great pool and great sun. i got abittt darker. and we spent quite a bit there. cocktails and margaritas with chicken wings! (: wish everyday could be like that. but the sun and music was giving me a teeny bit of headache.
head over to ice cold to meet up with boy and his frens. and yea. now they are having FUN WITHOUT ME!! checking out those freshies while i cab home! :(( RAHH. photos!

maybe i like being imperfect. x1:30 AM
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

argh. i hate this feeling of crying over you AGAIN.

maybe i like being imperfect. x11:49 PM
Monday, July 30, 2007

omggg! its been 4 and a half months since i blogged. hehe. i am just plain LAZY! still enjoying my holidays. shopping and spending money like mad. even though there is like NO income coming in. dont see how my bank account can survive till now! ((:
been staying at home.turning into a homie. holidays are almost over. and i got courses that i wanted. happy. 3 day timetable. what else can i ask for. hmms. but there are still many places i haven go yet. hongkong. bangkok. and things i haven do yet. i was supposed to sign up for my driving. omg i am sucha procrastinator. but this holidays was great! met with my jc classmates. and soon my sec sch classmates. i haven seen them for ages.. and soon holidays are over. and its back to school. i kinda miss school. but i know i will hate it when it starts. yea. and i left 3 weeks to enjoy myself. and put back some weight.

when there was me and you! ((:

maybe i like being imperfect. x3:34 PM
Friday, April 13, 2007

ITS SUMMER HOLIDAYS! i just finished my exams! (: haha. i am watching vcds without guilt! and eating chips and dessert at the same time! hehe. i wanna do so many things!! (: and my hammys are now at my house! (: i am a happy little girl! (:

maybe i like being imperfect. x11:22 PM
i never knew what's love,
until you came into my life.
shopping addiction;;
chocolates.icecream.lollipops <3;;
soaking in the sun;;

+ i want SHOP
+ TRAVEL around the world